Handmade Iznik Tiles

Fully Handmade Iznik Tiles, 1 piece of Iznik Tile artwork needs at leats 40 days from its beginning to finish. it will give you the feeling of art from 3 empires ( byzantium, Seljuk and Ottoman ) to your home, The production also like journey from past to today.


Handmade Iznik Tiles

Handmade Iznik Tiles

Fully Handmade Iznik Tiles, your own designs are welcome

The town of IZNIK (Nicaea) lies on the eastern shores of the lake of the same name. The town is in the city limits of the ‘green’ Bursa and it is 79 km far from the city center. Its population is 34000.

IZNIK, which is a very old town, was first established in 310 B.C. It was ruled by Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuk Empires and remained under the sovereignty of Ottoman Empire for a long time. It has become a classical town which bears traces of all these cultures.

Throughout the history, IZNIK, which was famous with its pottery, remained as an important center of trade on the road to the east from Istanbul.

During Ottoman sovereignty, the pottery art of IZNIK influenced the European arts and all Ottoman handcrafts became famous and demanded. For example; Sir Harry Garner in discussing IZNIK tiles and ceramics of the 16th century, remarks that ” The Turkish pottery from IZNIK can claim to be the most decorative and colourful pottery ever made.”

Tiles and potteries from IZNlK occupies an important place within selected arts of both Turkish and World Museums.

IZNIK is remarkable for the monuments belonging to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Age. Most of the historical buildings are well preserved. Thus the region looks like an open-air museum. That’s why IZNIK is proclaimed as an historical urban place to be protected.

The city where the handmade Iznik ware, handmade Iznik Tiles, Handmade iznik panels, and decorative items, a certain kind of earthenware, was produced, which during the 15th and 16th century was at its most beautiful. See the Rüstem Pasha or Sokollu Mehmet mosque in Istanbul, or visit the Cinili Kösk (palace ) at the Archeological Museum in Istanbul for some of the masterpieces.

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