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Do you have your own designs for your mosaic projects? Just send us for free estimate, Venice Mosaic & Tile Art Factory can do any custom designs for you on handmade Marble Mosaics, and Handmade Iznik Chini Tiles, Panels, and Icons. We are shipping our mosaics to worldwide by Express Courriers like DHL and TNT. Just tell us what you want for your project.

Luxury Bathroom with Custom Handcut Marble Mosaic Design

Luxury Bathroom with Custom Handcut Marble Mosaic Design


Mosaics are used by ancients like Greeks, Romans and Byziantium and the story is going back to the B.C. 2000 and we are bringing this history to your living places with endless possibilities.

Mosaic is an art form which uses small pieces of materials placed together to create a unified whole. The materials commonly used are glass, ceramic, marble, pebble, mirror, shells and china. The term for each piece of material is Tessera (plural: tesserae). The term for the spaces in between where the grout goes is the Interstices. Andamento is the word used to describe the movement and flow of Tesserae. The ‘opus’, the Latin for ‘work’, is the way in which the pieces are cut and placed varies and is known.


The ceramic tiles produced in Iznik (historic Nicaea) during the 15 and 16th centuries represent the cultural and artistic zenith of the Ottoman Empire. These tiles still grace the walls of many mosques and palaces. The examples of these tiles are part of the best collections of museums in Turkey and around the world. Due to a number of reasons, the technical knowledge and documentation employed to create these tiles were unfortunately lost to mankind in the 17th century. After a span of 400 years, and after years of research and countless experiments; The Iznik Training and Education Foundation have been successful in reproducing Iznik tiles of the same high quality as their predecessors with the ancient traditional methods of 16th century.

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